Award Winning Recording Artist & Songwriter
Soul enigma. 
The remedy for musical boredom. 
The salve to your audio with rafter-reaching vocals.
Somewhere between R&B and Pop lies the union 
of classical, hip hop, and rhythmic neo-soul that is 
Lexxi and to define this diva’s sound in one word 
or genre is equivalent to claiming there is only one 
color in the rainbow. Vocalist, writer, actress, engineer and arranger Lexxi is a native 7 Mile Detroiter with strong family roots in Brooklyn, New York who now resides in Atlanta, GA. She was a Hollywood Finalist for FOX 2’s hit reality show “American Idol” Season 5, has performed background vocals for Rod Stewart, toured nationally in several Gospel Stage Plays, and won “Best Female R&B Vocalist” for the 2013 Georgia Music Awards with three follow up nominations in 2014 and 2015 for “Female of the Year” and “Best R&B Female”. Several singles off her 2012 debut album “Rhythm Lotus”  are in rotation in several countries including her first ever single and fan favorite “How I Love”. In response to the success of her 2014 dance single “Inamorata” , Lexxi released an eccentric R&B euro dance & soul LP entitled “In My Skin” in 2015. This project capitalized on her well known concoction of sensual content, delivery, and groove that pays homage to her multi-ethnic appeal and fearlessness. In July of 2018, Lexxi released “Moonlight Lullaby”, the first single off the upcoming R&B Soul EP entitled  “Blue Grotto Sessions” due out Spring of 2019.  Within hours, it was quickly snatched up and put into rotation by enthusiastic DJ’s overseas. Lexxi has quickly climbed to the top of the chain internationally as a songwriter and incredibly powerful vocalist. Her live performances and features are highly anticipated and always guaranteed to restore your faith in raw talent and electrify your veins with refined soul. So get ready to rise!

Plutonium Entertainment

"Why do we pigeonhole an artist? It is a sure way of missing the important, the contradictory, the things that make him/her unique." 

- Lukas Foss